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Rick Issues 557-561 and Con Nachzehrer Issues 360 have all been released. I was due to take a production break, so issue 557 of Rick and Issue 360 of Con were made together with the regular updates due to be posted on the site for the next two weeks. I am also off work, so it is tough for me to work on the comic during this production break, especially after doing 69 comics in a 2 month period. Still, fully taking a break is unthinkable to me with what has happened last week. I also wonder if I should not have done Issues 559 and Issue 562 of Rick. Especially Issue 562, given that I do not have a stance, it is merely me expressing reservations about something. Still, I have always been concerned by government overreach in a time of crisis, so I feel obligated to address the fact that I want the government to strike the balance between civil liberties and dealing with this possible insurgency that it typically struggles to achieve. Also, Issue 561 is inspired b y my real struggles to get a video card. (In real life I want it for the sake of my comics, especially since I use the Eevee render engine now and it is heavily reliant on gpu strength.) I have had mine since Bush was in office, I think. I have upgraded my computer many times, but never my video card. That card has served admirably and in several computers, it is time to send it to Valhalla. Stay tuned, more to come.

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