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Issues 414 and 415 of Rick, the Cryptozoologist and Issue 299 of Con Nachzehrer have been released. There are two issues of Rick tonight to celebrate the third anniversary of the return of the comic. I am a little conflicted about Issue 415. I am not sure it is well written and the premise is not my best. I am just trying to express the in my opinion, the American public, I was thinking of the left, but in many ways it applies to the right as well, the American public always looks for others to foot the bill for things they want to government to spend money on. I do not want to be drowned in taxes and I do not want taxes to be increased to a point where it hurts people too badly, and that includes businesses. Still, I think there has to be a middle ground between burying people in taxes and what we do now, which is to refuse to pay even one cent more. As stated in the comic, I think the rich should pay more. Stay tuned, more to come.

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